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<PCD®>Sunny Linen 2way tote - Almond -

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color : Almond × Ivory

Size :  320 / 210㎜ × 230㎜ × 120㎜

Weight : 300g

Material : Cow Leather,Fabric(Cotton Linen)

< Chelsea series >.

Chelsea series is made of steer hide from North America, finished with oil without painting the surface with pigments, and vegetable tannin for tanning.
PCD's Chelsea series is made of leather that is not painted with pigments.

PCD's Chelsea series is made of this leather, which has an established reputation for its beautiful luster, and is thinly made.
PCD's Chelsea series is a leather product that can be enjoyed for a long time, yet it is surprisingly light and soft to the touch.

 < What is PCD® >
PCD® is a Japanese genuine leather bag brand that PadmaCreativeDesign inc. started in 2021SS.
PCD® is a Japan Made bag brand using high quality genuine leather that becomes more lustrous as it is used, with the aim of creating "bags that will still be beautiful 10 years from now.
We are committed to the quality of "Made in Japan", and develop small leather goods that are not affected by trends and can stay with you for a long time.

We believe that the best way to achieve sustainability is to take good things with care and use them for a long time.
As a manufacturer, we have a responsibility to make sure that we don't make things that will soon be thrown away, broken, or put away without being used.
Our goal is to create products that are unique and special, and that will change beautifully with our memories over time.

Please note the following points about leather products.

Please read before purchasing.
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