For customers purchasing PCD

This product is made of natural leather, and scratches and uneven colors are inherent characteristics of the material.

This product is made of natural leather. Please be aware of this.
If you are looking for a leather bag, please contact us.
In order to make you enjoy the original taste of the leather, we do not use any resin to hide the original scratches and uneven color of the leather.
Please note that wetting with water or chemicals may cause deterioration of the product.
If the product is wet, it may cause color staining if it is placed near a cloth or paper.
If the product gets wet, dry it well while moisturizing it with a special cream, then put it in the storage bag provided and store it in a well-ventilated place out of the sun.
(*If it gets wet or stained, there is a possibility that it can be fixed. Please don't give up and contact us.)

≪ About nubuck leather

Nubuck is a leather that is tanned with tannin, an ingredient contained in plant astringent.
It has a strong texture and is hard at first, but gradually becomes softer and more comfortable as it ages.

With regular maintenance and sun exposure, it can be aged more beautifully as shown in the photo.

Sunbathing with ultraviolet rays or stroking it with your hands will soak up the oil from your hands and change it into a unique product, where no two are the same.
Among natural leather, it is especially easy to feel the aging process, so scratches, scuffs, and wrinkles will become a part of the product.
It is also famous as a leather that returns to the earth because it is tanned with natural vegetable tannin.

It is also dyed leather, so please be careful not to get it wet with water or chemicals.
Please contact us if you experience any stains.

< About Faux Leather (Synthetic Leather) and Genuine Leather (Natural Leather)

What is natural leather?
It refers to animal leather in general, such as cowhide and sheepskin.
Genuine leather is a material that allows you to enjoy the natural texture of leather, and in particular, dyed leather, which is processed while retaining the texture of scratches and wrinkles, is a material that allows you to feel the aging (change over time).
Natural leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and has individual differences, such as bruises, blood streaks, tigers, and wrinkles, which are evidence of the animal's life.
Compared to synthetic leather, natural leather is stronger and the more you use it, the more shiny it becomes.
The more you use it, the more shiny it becomes. Since it is made of natural materials, you need to be careful with water and chemicals, but the more carefully you nurture it, the more beautiful it becomes.

 What is Synthetic leather?
Synthetic leather is a natural fabric that has been sprayed with a synthetic resin to make its surface look like natural leather.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane resins are often used as synthetic resins.
In recent years, there are synthetic leathers that are so high quality that they are indistinguishable from genuine leather.
Polyurethane resin, which is often used in synthetic leather, combines with moisture in the air and gradually deteriorates.
This process is called hydrolysis, and it starts from the moment the product is born.
For this reason, the life span of synthetic leather is said to be about 2~3 years from the time it is manufactured. Since it is a material that deteriorates rapidly over time, the surface will gradually become sticky and the cracks on the surface will peel off and become tattered.
On the other hand, since it is resistant to water and chemicals, synthetic leather is often used for products that are designed to get wet.